ever since my childhood days

I have always had the passion to be in the outdoors, hunting and fishing.  Like so many others, the only place that I had to hunt was public land.  Hunting public land has many challenges and unfortunately, one of them is that there are some people who do not respect others property. 

After having my treestand stolen  twice on public land, I decided that there had to be a better lock than the "bicycle cables" that thieves so easily cut with snips.  These experiences put me on a mission to design a better solution.

In 2007, the original Treelok's were introduced for the first time.  Early on as the first Treelok's were sold and used in the outdoors, it was so exciting to hear our customer's tell us their stories of success in keeping their treestands and trail cameras secure.  Then we introduced the Treelok Lokit XTF as an alternative to the original.  I am so glad that we did and as our customers started locking all sorts of gear that we had never even thought of, including ATV's, kayak's, motorcycles, mountain bikes, boats, trailers and much more.

Treelok has expanded our vision to provide other solution driven products for the outdoor enthusiasts, including our latest, the Rizer, a foldable bow and pack hanger built for the serious hunter.  

Ultimately, your time outdoors should be enjoyable, our mission still is to provide products that help make that happen.